Friday, October 4, 2013

Pumpkins and Squash

With the turning of the calendar page we are now in October and our thoughts turn to fall. Pumpkins and squash are one of the treats of fall. Our crop of both pumpkins and squash is one of the best we have had.


Large 30-40 pound Jack-O-Lantern did very good this year. Excellent shape and mega sized handles. We had such a difficult spring that I started some of the longer season pumpkins in 4 inch pots in early May. They were fully mature by early September.

Medium 10-15 pound Jack-O-Lantern with excellent handles were also mature by early September.

Pie pumpkins - Two tried and true varieties. New England Pie and Winter Luxury Pie.

Cinderella Pumpkins - Beautiful bright orange. Flat oblate shape.

Fairytail Pie Pumpkins - Extremely dense. European pie pumpkins. Deep orange flesh. Green to brown color.


Acorn - large acorn, honey bear - small personal size

Spaggeti - large standard size, small personal size, both have outstanding flavor

Butternut - medium size and small personal size.

Carnival - large colorful sweet dumpling type

Jester - striped acorn

Delicata - striped, sweet potato squash

Small Orange Hubbard - Hubbard flavor in a small package

Orange and Blue Kabotcha

Buttercup - old standby sweet squash

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