Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Planted Okra Today

Reed and Jenna planted about 300 okra plants today. We are trying several new hybrids this year Millionaire and Jambalaya. These were big 4 inch plants, planted back in early May. They planted the plants from 3 inch pots into a strip of compost about six inches wide. They space the plants out about one foot apart. The compost will attract earth worms to the rows, provide a little compost tea to the plants when we water and protect the rows from weeds for about 1/2 of the growing season. We used about 25 lbs of organic turkey manure based fertilizer under the compost.

We soaked them good with a hose and will water again in a couple of days. They looked great like little sentinels standing in a row. In a few weeks you can tell when they grow down into the fertilizer band because they turn a dark green.

Harvest will start in 4-6 weeks.

Did you know that okra is in the hibiscus family. Think about what the blooms look like and you will see the connection. Blooms only last a day, just like the hibiscus.

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