Monday, June 10, 2013

Amazing Arugula

Did you know arugula looks just like baby broccoli when it germinates? It also has some of the same cancer fighting phytonutrient that broccoli has. Both are close cousins botanically and so, have similar baby leaf and stem characteristics.

To get the arugula to perform at its absolute best flavor and nutrition you  must have peak mineralization in your soil. We are constantly working on remineralizing our soils using kelp, highly mineralized salt, fish emulsion, rock powders and compost.

We occasionally sample arugula from the store in the winter and it won't hold a candle to the flavor and shelf life of our arugula grown in mineralized soil. Our kids love arugula on salads and sandwiches. It also makes a zesty brilliant green pesto, which is good on pasta or bruschetta.

There are a number of different arugula types. The more highly serrated leaves are a little more zesty and the smooth leaves are a little milder. We like to cut arugula at the baby leaf stage.

We had never even heard of arugula before about 7-8 years ago. Then it started to appear in more of the gourmet magazines and people started asking for it. So what the heck, we tried it and we were hooked as were our customers.

We typically have a very good product and some of the upscale restaurants buy from us at the market.   NoshZZest, and Pescara are all frequent buyers.

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