Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fire Flies

Fire flies are winged nocturnal beetles the produce their soft golden light by oxidation of a chemical called luciferin. I explained that to the girls but they seem far more interested in skipping around like Alice in Wonderland than in scientific explanations.

When they were little, the girls were taken back by these "buzzes" that flashed. Jenna called the potato patch the "deep blue sea" and that is where Andrea found the first few, which were soon followed by dozens of their cousins. The night was filled with wonder,
and two girls racing around the paths in the garden trying to predict where the next one would appear.

It is good to get children involved with the farm from a very young age. They are typically more capable than we give them credit for and the wonder of childhood keeps our vision fresh. Young children are also an amazing source of comic relief, especially before they have the world all figured out.

We talk or sing when we are working and wait for the fire flies to make their appearance. Can you guess one of our favorite songs, "Twinkle, twinkle..."

Jenna would often transpose words and one of her favorite, was "Finkle, Finkle.."

This story is from when the girls were very young, May of 1998.

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