Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Growing Red Okra

Growing red okra in Minnesota can be very easily done using the same methods as green okra. See Growing Okra in Minnesota post.

We first started growing red okra as a ornamental plant to use in our flower arrangements. The pods curl neatly and they are very shiny making an attractive focus item in a bouquet.

But turns out the red okra is mighty tasty by itself and stays tender longer than the green okra. The red color also adds some lycopene to the diet.

Red okra is open pollinated so you can dry the pods and save the seed for next year if you wish.

Okra sends out lots of side stems from the main stalk and so the harvest multiplies as the season progresses. These side shoots can have more fruit than the main stem by the end of the season.

Red okra is just another one of those serendipity items that you discover for no reason at all. I've always thought that "Red Okra" would be a good name for a hole in the wall coffee shop or organic restaurant.

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