Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Measurement Stick

Remember when you were little and mom or dad had you stand by the door to the closet in your bedroom and measured your height. This became a measure of progress for your growth. Your siblings were likely recorded in the same spot.

This may have been the first time you encountered the measuring stick, but it certainly wasn't the last.

Here are some other examples...

When you got to school there was a report card that became a measuring stick.

When you were in little league there were the statistics for your sport.

In high school there were ACT or SAT scores.

In college the GPA was a big deal.

Even Farmers have measuring sticks...

  1. How many bushels per acre. Even it they put so much fertilizer on that acre that it became unprofitable and polluted the ground water. They still want the bragging rights.
  2. How many acres you farm has become a badge of honor. Even if you can't get it all harvested until spring or do a crummy job.
  3. A new big pickup. Even if they borrowed the money to buy their $50,000 truck. Yep, many peasily exceed this figure. Wow, I paid this much for my first house.
  4. The biggest tractor. Biggest combine. 
The list goes on and on. At some point this becomes, "Big Hat, No Cattle".

Why to we do this?

Because we aren't content.

Contentment is one of the biggest yard sticks of success. Without it our $50,000 truck just gets stuck in greed and envy.

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