Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The DNA Soil Connection

DNA is some pretty amazing stuff. It was only recently that the human genome (DNA) was mapped using super computers here in town at the Mayo Clinic. I know the guy that lead that team of scientists.

It is very important that our DNA replicate faithfully if we are not going to have genetic issues and health issues in general.

Many of our cells replicate frequently. Our eyes, for example replace all the cells on the surface of the eyes every three days. The villi in the intestine are replaced every 5 days. All the cells are new every two years.

So it is very important that the DNA has the right raw materials to reproduce itself faithfully.

So where do vegetables come into the pictures...

DNA is made up of polysaccarides (poly means many and saccaride means sugar).  The long helix of the DNA is made up of polysaccarides. The shorter bars across the strands are made up of amino acids. The bars are hooked to the strands by minerals. If we don't have the right quantity of minerals the DNA cannot reproduce correctly and we have a genetic defect

So it is very important.

We can't just eat raw minerals and have them absorbed well. We need minerals in an organic form, such as vegetables. But the vegetables won't have the minerals unless they are in the soil. We add minerals to our soil in the form of kelp, sea salt, rock powders and compost.

The minerals make the vegetables taste amazing. I believe there is a direct correlation between vegetables that taste good and minerals we need to repair and maintain our DNA.

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