Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ten Reasons Your Church Should Be Debt Free

We often talk about personal and farming financial matters on our blog.

Here is a topic for your church to consider for 2016.

If your pastors and elders aren't encouraging agressive debt reduction. Please talk to them about searching scripture on this and pray about becoming debt free.

The list below will give you 10 reasons to be debt free.
  1. Investment--eliminating church debt will free-up the principle and interest for ministry.
  2. Vision--debt reduction is a good indication that the congregation understands the big picture on Biblical financial principles.
  3. Scripture--the Bible teaches many principles in favor of debt reduction.
  4. Leadership--you can be an example to other churches. If you can do it so can they.
  5. Counter Cultural--being debt free is Biblical and counter cultural
  6. Freedom--borrowing creates an obligation to the lender, Proverbs says eliminate borrowing quickly.
  7. Peace--financial freedom brings peace on a personal level and congregational level.
  8. Teaching--being out of debt compliments the Church's financial discipleship ministry
  9. Spiritual--being debt free shows dependence on God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  10. Missional--funds freed-up can be used for Great Commission outreach.
 God will bless your efforts!

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  1. Oh Jesus! We should pray to Jesus for our soul to be lightened. We need to pray in church. Our church was damaged but now we are repairing it by church financing . this service is very popular nowadays.