Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Healing Professions

We live in the shadow of the Mayo clinic. Many years ago I heard a statistic that there were 3000 MDs in Rochester, MN where the Clinic is. There are probably 5000 by now. Pretty cool to know there is an answer for identifying just about any ailment just minutes away and they are very good. If you have some weird tropical malady they have you covered. If you have an obscure genetic deficiency they have the tools and tests to future it out.

This is kind of an antiquated term but they used to call those that sought the decades of training  to heal the body and mind as the, "The Healing Professions".

I think that farmers are in the "Healing Profession" too and here is why..

Organic farmers heal in the following ways.
  1. They heal the land.
  2. They heal the biology of the planet
  3. They provide the building blocks for health.
  4. They provide a connectedness to place
  5. They provide relational health
  6. They are committed to knowledge and education 
In a future post I will expand on each of these.

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