Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Compelling Reasons to Eat Beets

Continuing our series of articles on beets . Let's look at the compelling reasons to eat these storehouses of powerful nutrients.

Reasons to eat Beets...

  1. Lower your blood pressure naturally. Beet juice especially can help to lower blood pressure quickly, in a matter of hours. One study documented a drop of 4-5 points on average. This effect typically occurs because of the nitrates in the beets, which the body converts in to nitric oxide which dilates the blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure.
  2. Greater Athletic Performance. Beets can help you perform better in your next sport event or workout. Beet juice has been documented to help athletes exercise upto 16 percent longer. Again the nitrates being converted into nitric oxide, reduces the oxygen cost of exercise at both low intensities and high intensity exercise.
  3. Inflamation. Beet are an excellent plant source of Betain. Betain is a plant nutrient that protects cells, proteins and enzymes in our bodies from environmental stress. It fights inflammation, protects internal structures, improves circulatory factors like blood pressure, enhances performance, increases flexibility and helps prevent chronic diseases.
  4. Anti-Cancer Properties. The deep red colors of the phytonutrients may help prevent cancer. Beet root extract has been shown to reduce multi-organ tumor formations in animal studies. It is also being studied in the treatment of human pancreatic, breast and prostate cancer.
  5. Nutrients and Fiber. Vitamin C, fiber and minerals like potassium and manganese. Beets also have B vitamin folate.
  6. Detox Support. Betalin pigments support your body's detoxification and breaking down toxins for elimination. It is also a strong blood builder.
Reference: "Benefits of Beets", by Dr. Mercola.

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