Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Bleed Farming

If you cut me I bleed farming. It is in my bones.

My grandmother (my fathers mom) was a great influence in my love for all things green and garden but my farm heritage goes back to...

Emigrants that came from Denmark on both sides of the family in the 1860s.

Those were a simpler times in agriculture, but not without problems caused by poor farming practices. Many farmers (not our families) pushed west because the land they farmed was eroded and exhausted. 

This was no better than the slash and burn practices of the farmers that are destroying the Amazon rain forests.

These early farmers did not have the modern technologies we have today. But I am not referring to the technologies you might think. I am referring to soil building technologies like compost and mob stocking of cattle using electric fences to simulate the great herds that built our prairie soils.

We celebrate our heritage and we sustain our future through our passion for building soils.

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