Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Are You a Contrarian

Are you a contrarian if you go in the out door at Sam's Club, or if you back your car into the garage, or if you eat desert first?

Maybe. Beside being different there can be very good reasons to do the above things.

Are you a contrarian if you farm organically?

Most definitely, it takes a contrarian to farm organically, because you are going the opposite of 90% of your conventional farming friends.

You will be more successful if you have a contrarian response to life. (Note I did not say you need to be obstinate about every issue. I also did not say that the conventional wisdom is wrong.)
  1. When the stock market is down, you will buy when everyone else is selling. Investing is the traditional definition of contrarian.
  2. When everyone is getting a bigger mortgage because the interest rates are low and they want to invest in a overheated market.  You are paying off your house.
  3. When everyone else has a car payment. You buy a good used car and pay cash.
  4. When everyone else is taking out student loans to go to that elite college you are content with a less expensive college and paying cash.
  5. When everyone else is going home at 4:00 after getting in their 8 hours, you stay until 6:00 to serve your employer.
  6. When everyone else is sleeping in on Saturday morning you get up at 3:00 am to load your trailer. You get your children up at 5:00 to go to the farmers market. So they can earn money for college and you can provide a great service to your neighbors.
  7. When a majority are buying microwave meals. You get rid of your microwave and still cook with real food, the old fashion way.
  8. You make your own soap. Because it feels so good on your skin.
  9. You make you own charcoal not to cook your grass fed beef. But to enrich your soil like the ancient people in the Amazon jungle did.
  10. You give up an expensive vacation or season tickets to an expensive professional sporting event so you can eat organic local food from your farmers market.
  11. You read several hundred books a year (mostly non-fiction) and don't have a TV.
  12. You start a blog and write over 500 posts in two years. Your blog is read 50,000 times by people in almost every nation in the world. The audience might not be contrarian but it is sure amazing.
This is my list. You could make your own.

Something to think about.

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