Monday, February 9, 2015


The word glorify is not a common one in everyday conversation except maybe at church on Sunday, where the context would be in relationship to glorifying God.  A word used in reverence toward God is a good reason to have a word even if it isn't used much beside that.

I found an interesting definition of  "glorify" that I think is worth considering.

Glorify - (verb) to aim our lives at a purpose

That definition caught my eye because I have been thinking a lot lately about my legacy and what would be the best use of my time at this stage in my life. This is a little personal but here are my thoughts.

When my children were young I was looking for a "purpose" that they and I could both participate in, to teach life lessons and values. Growing vegetables for the farmers market has more than fulfilled that purpose, even though it has been challenging at times due to the time commitment. I know very few teenagers who are as well prepared for their adult years as my children. I give a lot of credit for that to our friends at the farmers market, both customers and other vendors. My children, and now young adults, have learned to interact with their culture and other adults through the lens of the farmer's market.

I am transitioning to a different "purpose" and relationship with my children.  The role of rule giver and provider is transitioning into one of advisor, encourager, and friend. I no longer tell them when to be home at night, get them out of bed if it is time to get up for school or ask them to do their homework (didn't really ever have to do this with any of my children anyway). But I do get calls about college decisions, jobs and achievements recently won. I get to review cherished papers and assignments which have won acclaim after much hard work.

My children are so much further ahead of where I was at that age academically and financially, because they prepared well and Lisa and I created an environment where they could be challenged and they could prosper.  I would be remiss if I didn't give Schaffer Academy credit for their academic preparedness. My children did the work, they put in the long hours, they pushed themselves to do their best.

Each of my children have had training in Biblical financial principles. They have all learned the principles taught in Financial Peace University, by Dave Ramsey and they have seen this lived out through their parents. No big mystery there, they are all committed to common sense, that is so uncommon today.

They are all committed to going to college without student loans. Many would say that this is impossible with today's school prices. But my children would say, an emphatic NO! To get a college degree without debt they had to have a plan. A plan to attend a college they can afford, to pay for it in cash and a plan to work to make it so.

Oh, and this purpose, this legacy, also glorifies God!

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