Monday, February 23, 2015


Contentment is one of the most powerful finanical principles in our lives. If we have learned to be content, it will be easier to understand and accept our position as the manager of what we have been given. This doesn't mean we need to be hands off on money issues. Contentment helps us focus on our goals for money and to resist temptation to overspend or borrow.

Here are four signs of discontentment...
  1. Attempting to "get rich quick". We may not fall for a blatant get-rich-quick scam, but having a get rich quick mentality can also include a headlong rush through life, working to get what we think we need. But waiting to accumulate things over time isn't good enough, you want it now! You are constantly seeking a bigger better deal in jobs or opportunities without thinking things through.
  2. Trying to appear wealthy. Many young adults go through a phase of trying to look as prosperous as their parents with out the years of sacrifice to really be well off. Maybe now you are old enough to know better, but you are having trouble facing reality. You buy a car, cabin, boat, or home you can't afford in the hope of feeling better about yourself. Does going into debt really make you feel better?
  3. Feeling anxiety about what you don't have. The need for status is so overwhelming that it can paralyze you. It is hard to make good money choices because ansiety fills your mind and rules your heart. Because contentment and anxiety can't live in the same house, your fear only gets worse. Kick anxiety out of the house and embrace peace.
  4. Allowing jealousy and envy to creep into your mind. The grass always looks greener on someone elses side of the street and you ask "Why not me."
If we face the truth we will realize what any good farmer knows, that the grass is only greener where you plant good grass, water it well, fertilize if often and keep it weeded. Then let the cows graze it when it gets tall enough, this represents the end game, the harvest.

If we are going to have a full rich life we have to work hard, take responsibility for our actions and be content!

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