Monday, July 8, 2013

Vital Not Viral

When Reed and I started our blog our goal was to provide useful information on the topic of market gardening and a family farm. We also wanted the content to be high quality and to use photography to add a level of interest. We are learning as we go and the project has been very educational for us both.

We wanted to develop a significant amount of content before sharing the blog address with a large audience. We now have about 150 posts published with about 175 posts written and pending publication over the next several months. We went public May 1 and have had 2500 posts read since then.

We will likely never go viral in the way some of the online content does, but that is not our focus. We don't want to be sensational or titillating. We don't need any big names or fancy titles. We aren't inventing any new technology or patents. Only tried and true information that has stood the test of time.

We are sharing the story of our families years of experience at raising and selling vegetables in the upper Midwest, near Rochester, Minnesota. We also have teenagers that have been involved in our farming operation since they were preschool children. Our family experience and raising children is intertwined with our farming experience and many stories in our posts come from when our children were young.

It is our quest to provide information, experience, farm lore, family stories, and answer lots and lots questions for our friends who are new to gardening and those who are very experienced. For many things there is no wrong answer only an alternate perspective.

If our blog is "Vital" not "Viral" we will consider our efforts a success.

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