Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Pick Smooth or Savoyed Spinach

I prefer Savoyed-Leaf spinach over Smooth-Leaf for the Farmers Market as I think the presentation is better. Savoyed-Leaf has better loft and fills the bag better. Smooth-Leaf packs down in the bag more. From a flavor stand point I can't tell the difference.

The savoyed varieties like Tyee have good powdery mildue resistance and resistance to other diseases.

I had some problems with damping off of seedlings last year. Turns out good old food grade hydrogen peroxide can help with this. Don't use the medicinal kind as that has preservatives. You can get a quart of food grade H2O2 at the Peoples Food Coop. Be careful handling it, as 35% can burn your skin.

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