Friday, May 24, 2013

We Work For Our Customers So You Don't Have To

We have trialed 100's of varieities over the years to find some of the top varieties for our location, climate and our customers needs.

We sell some of these varieties as plant starts at the farmers market. Things like heirloom tomatoes and top hybrid cucumbers.

Customers have brought many interests and needs to our attention in the past. We have broadened our offerings from time to time based on customers requests.

Some of these requests were Purslane, Arugula, Sweet Corn, Dandelion Greens, and Heirloom Okra.

We have a broad knowledge of the things we grow.  How to grow them. How to process them for the best nutrition and flavor. How to prepare them for your table.

We will continue to add this knowledge to our posts.

If you have any additional things you'd like us to consider growing. Please let us know either by leaving a comment or seeing us at the market.

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