Monday, May 6, 2013

How to Grow Pansies, the Edible Flower

How to grow pansies. Pansy's are about the easiest flowers on the planet to care for. They are initially started from tiny seed and grow slowly. So are typically grown for about 12 weeks under sodium arc lamps in the green house from around Christmas time to March. At this point the baby plants called plugs are transferred to packs, pots or baskets for their ultimate destination.

If given enough room to grow they will develop into large and prolific blooming 4-5 inch plants. Most pansy's are way over crowded and do not develop well. We plant ours in jumbo 4 inch pots (The pansies below are planted in 4 inch jet black pots).

The blossoms of pansy's are edible and can be used to garnish salads. One of Reed's favorite shock the customer ploys is to grab a pansy blossom and eat it. Some how I guess he thinks that is supposed to sell more Pansy's. I think people probably just think he is weird.

If they are crowded in packs or baskets the pansy's will grow vertically and not fill out well. If they are separated later they just fall over because they are used to leaning on their neighbors.

Pansy's like fish emulsion fertilizer similar to most other garden plants.

Pansy's like cool weather and will tolerate some shade. Plant them early as they tolerate frost well. We often have them freeze solid in pots or packs.

Our pansies survived the recent 15 inch show completely unprotected. They looked fresh as a pansy when the snow melted.

Yellow and Blue colors sell very well at our Farmers Market. This is Minnesota Vikings Country!

See us at the Rochester Farmers Market for you spring pansy needs.

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