Friday, May 10, 2013

Radishes a Disarming Project for Jenna

These stories are from when the girls were very young, June of 1998.

We wash the radishes and count out 10 (or so) and then put a rubber band around them to get them ready for market. Jenna was helping bunch the radishes and asked me if she could put the NECKLACE on the bunch. I usually remove the yellowed baby leaves from the radishes. Jenna wanted to know if it hurt the radishes when I pulled their ARMS OFF. I told her that it didn't hurt and it made them look pretty. So she was merrily helping me DISARM the radishes.

Andrea had a garden party one Friday afternoon to pick radishes with her friend David. They picked and packed 40 lbs of radishes. Andrea was supervising and the end result was excellent. The radishes were spotless, stacked in neat rows, in the tubs. I picked another 40 lbs after I got home. They were premium radishes picked at the peak of flavor and color.

I figured we had so many that we'd have some left over. To my surprise, people hauled them away so fast that we were sold out in about an hour. The cloudy and rainy weather the previous couple of weeks was just perfect for radishes. We did a repeat performance the following week.

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