Monday, May 13, 2013

The Market Debrief

The Market Debrief  is one of our favorite family meetings. When our children have kids of their own one of the things they will tell them is about is our family round table after the Farmers Market. This usually takes place over lunch:

In the Debrief each of the children would share stories about things that happened at the market that day. Things we learned, things that went well and sometimes things that didn't go so well.

There have been many funny things that have happened over the years.
  • Reed had one customer that wanted to negotiate a $1.50 bunch of radishes for $0.50. We had some very nice radishes and Reed was immovable. The customer kept asking for a better price in increments of $0.10. How about $0.60, then $0.70, etc. Until they got to $1.50. At which point Reed said, "Yep, that was the price."  Then the customer gave him a $0.50 tip and paid $2. He said that was the most entertainment he'd had all day and he admired Reed's negotiating skills.
  • When she was 10, Andrea would sell lots and lots of flowers. We'd bring 15-20 buckets to a market. She would sometimes go around to the front of our tables to work with customers on arranging them and helping with special requests for colors or sizes. A woman stopped by dressed very very nicely (at least by farmers market standards), clearly on the way to a special occasion.  Andrea took both of her hands, looked into her eyes and with a big smile said you are dressed very beautiful and I have the perfect bouquet of flowers to match your outfit. The lady about melted and said, "I love your daughter, that really cheers me up". She was visiting a friend in the hospital who had cancer.
  • Jenna is our family artist.  She does a lot of work with herbs and potted flowers. Her signs and tags are beautifully arranged and written. The first market of the season  about 5 years ago she was arranging some pansy's with bright festive blossoms and a photographer from the Post Bulletin stopped by to take some pictures. Her picture was on the front page above the fold. (Must have been a slow news day). We had 8 articles in the PB that year. We have some very full scrap books.

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