Monday, February 22, 2016

Stages of Learning in Farming - Becoming Self Sufficient

Stage two typically lasts an additional 3-5 seasons.

You are on your way to a successful farming enterprise. You have a firm direction, you are focused and you have, by trial and error, refined your course, but you are still doing much fine tuning and investing.

If you are employed outside the farm and you have one or more workers on the farm. You are learning how to work with "help" outside your immediate family. This is a key decision, which will dictate how much you can grow. It is OK to stay small, by the way.

The fourth season your plan is feeling pretty good and you are focused on execution. You have enough history to be able to keep products that are profitable and eliminate those that are not. Maybe there is a little profit but you are still investing in tools, so profit is still limited.

It took me 5-6 years before I was comfortable at the farmers market that is our main source of income. I would always ask myself on market days, "What could go wrong?" We made lists of things we needed and kept the essential containers and tools in our market trailer. Nothing catastrophic ever went wrong and the discomfort I once felt has faded into the background. Be fearless in pursuit of new markets and products, 99% of the things you fear will never happen. (Note, I did not say be foolish, you have to use common sense in pursuit of your goals.)

Always remember that farming is a verb. Our actions determine the type of farmer we will become and distinguishes us from those around us.
It probably isn't until the 7th or 8th season that your have enough experience to turn a profit and really feel comfortable with the farm.

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