Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Soil 308: Fever

You probably thought this post was about hemorrhagic fever or some other phyrogenic virus. In the human body, even a fraction of a dead virus or bacteria can cause a fever response. These fractions are called pyrogens. Many years ago, I worked on an implantable cardiac stent and pyrogens were was a big deal.

In soil, elevated temperature typically occurs when we don't have adequate residue on the surface of the soil.

Gabe Brown a progressive farmer from North Dakota says you should keep "armor on the soil". What he means by armor is either a growing crop, cover crop or crop residue. These armors keep the soil protect from elevated temperature and protect the soil life from damage.

Soil is rarely bare in nature, but can be exposed for months at a time in certain tillage systems.

The soil biology is sensitive to temperature and dies off at temps above 113 F.

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