Monday, January 4, 2016

Ten Reasons to Shop at the Rochester Farmer's Market

Here are my ten reasons to shop at Rochester Downtown Farmers Market 

  1. If real estate is about location, location, location. Then food is about fresh, fresh, fresh. The farmer's market is all about just picked fresh.
  2. The farmers market has more diversity of seasonal fruits, meats, and produce.
  3. The knowledge base of the farmers about their product is orders of magnitued beyond any other source of produce, fruit or meats. Each farmer wrote the “owners manual” for his product. 
  4. You can know your farmer, We want to be your farmer, get to know us.
  5. You can get advice about preparation and preservation from the grower.
  6. The farmers actually thinks about what you want, not just the latest fashion foodie trend. From basic beets to Wasabie Arugula, you can find it all.
  7. You will never ever ever find some things anywhere but at a fresh market. In the summer market sun gold cherry tomatoes, baby patty pan squash, squash blossums and brandywine tomatoes. Putting them in a truck for a week would destroy them.
  8. The market is a source of community, wisdom and stability.
  9. The social component of shopping at the farmers market is a major value add for most shoppers. Research by the Project of Public Places, indicates that a customer has an average of 15-20 social interactions when shopping at a farmers market versus 1-2 at a grocery store. This is the personality or soul of the farmers market.
  10. The market can accelerate social transformation. There are now several generations of Rochester citizens who enjoy and expect fresh local produce. This will influence their future food choices. They do what I call, “Vote With Your Fork”.

    Start your new year right, see us at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds in Building 41 on Saturday, January 9, 2015.

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