Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ten Below on the French Riveria Part II

In our last post we made the observation that, many of the Minnesota "locals" do not realize that South East Minnesota is at the same latitude as the southern coast of France. The Reveria is known for its mild Mediterranean climate and stands in stark contrast to the Minnesota cold.

The reason for this is Minnesota is land locked and is exposed to the Canadian Arctic weather systems. While the southern coast of France has a hugh body of warm water call the Mediterranean Sea to moderate its climate.

But the real key is the amount of sunshine both locations get...they are the same.

So why all the fuss and why does this matter?

Since both locations get the same amount of sunshine it is possible to modify the climate in Minnesota by a double layer of poly on a hoop house. Without supplementary heat you can modify the climate by at least one growing zone. From a Zone 4 to a Zone 5 for example. This opens up all kinds of possibilities.

You can grow all kinds of cold hardy vegetables in a hoop house in Minnesota. The Rochester, Minnesota farmers market is a great example of that. We have radishes, spinach, lettuce, arugula, and broccoli all coming out of green houses in January.

So the Scandinavian settlers in this area were actually better off than their European counterparts, because Minnesota, while cold, was way farther south. The days are longer and there is lots more sunshine.

Enjoy your winter on the French Riveria.

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