Saturday, August 2, 2014

Horray for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Local Ingredients

I have been experimenting with making grilled cheese sandwiches these last few weeks.  The grilled cheese is kind of a lost art. My mother used to use velveta cheese on white bread (not so healthy). But many upscale restuarants have redicovered the grilled cheese as a multi-faceted comfort food with unlimited possibilites and a full spectrum of local foods options.

Here are some ideas for putting a zip in your grill.

Cheeses – pepper jack, Havarti, Munster, provolone (many cheeses are available at the RDFM)

Bread – artisan breads with substance that toast well and hold up to yummy fillings. Several breads I like are Cheddar Jalapeno, Bacon Blue Cheese, 9-Grain, Asiago, Challah, Cranberry Walnut. At the farmers market I like Squash Blossum Farm breads and Lori Feyen baked good. Outside the market the Good Food Store and Great Harvest are excellent choices. (Did you know that Jenna enjoyed working at Great Harvest for a year.) 

Fillings for your sandwich: smoked chicken breast, honey maple ham, any kind of link sausage (toasted and cut length wise), any meat left overs like chicken or roast beef (we get our chicken and roast beef from Misty Meadows Farms at the market.)

Veggies: thin sliced tomatoes, thin sliced red onions, grated carrots, spinach, arugula, sauteed red bell peppers and onions, (All of these are back in season.) One of the veggies that can't be grown locally is avocado, one of my favorites.

Condiments: Sweet sandwich pickles, jalapenos, sprouts (alfalfa or broccoli), home made mayo


Coat two slices of bread on both sides with mayonnaise (yes this is rich). Toast bread in hot cast iron skillet. The proteins in the mayo will give the bread a nice crunchy crust. When side one is done flip both slices. Put cheese on the toasted side. Warm meat and add that next. Add veggies and condiments. Put sprouts on last.


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