Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Rainy Day Playground

In honor of all the rain this week, here is a story from when we were young.

A haymow is a place in the barn where the hay is stored. Hay is well... hay. A mow is a cavern or open space in the barn. On a rainy day most any time of the year when I was growing up we would often seek refuge from the weather by playing in the attic of the barn called a haymow.

There were ooodles of things you could do. One of my favorite was...

Building tunnels out of hay bales. Some years we would have a whole subterrainian network of tunnels and even a few rooms where we could hide out. When we got too much going there wasn't enough room for the hay and Dad would make us dissasemble part of the network.

If we had loose hay we could pile it up like leaves in the fall and jump into it.

All this haying would build strong immune systems as I'm sure there was every weed known to Iowa in that hay. We would play in it with narry a sniffle.

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