Friday, August 23, 2013

Market Menu for August 24, 2013

We will have the following items at the market for Saturday, August 24, 2013 (New items are in Bold Print)

Sweet Corn - Young, Tender, Fresh and Very Sweet

Fresh Cut Basil
Salsa Kits - Red, Green & Squash Blossom
Salsa - Fresh Canned
Hot Peppers - Jalapeno, Publano & Serrano
Tomatoes - slicers, romas, cherries
Squash Blossoms - Excellent Supply
Baby Zucchini Squash
Yellow Patty Pan Squash
Red Onions
Slicing Cucumbers - Burpless (Nice)
Mini Cucumbers - Tender, Crisp, Sweet, Bitter-free and Seedless (Top of the Line)
Red & Green Okra
Garlic - New Crop
Walla Walla Sweet Jumbo Onions
Chipolini Onions
French Filet Bean - Petite New Row
New Baby Potatoes - Red & Yukon
Baby Spring Mix - Lettuce, Beet Greens, Kale (new lettuce bed this week)
Baby Red Russian Kale - Good Supply
Baby Kale - Regular
Spinach - Good Supply
Arugual - Good Supply, new bed this week
Baby Cilantro
Sweet Ruby - a fine frilly mustard green, new bed this week
Fresh Cut Herbs - Basil, Mint, Oregano, French Tarragon, Rosemary, Cilantro, Thyme, Dill
Dandelion Greens
Shallots - New Crop
Worm Farms - Red Wigglers, Worm Bedding, Worm Castings
Potting Mix - Made a Fresh Batch This Week
Cipotle Smoked Peppers
Smoked Sun Dried Tomatoes
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Herb Plants
- Rosemary
- Basil - Sweet Italian, Tai, Lemon, Holy - Herb of the Week (see Recipes on the VF Blog)
- Mint - Spearmint, Chocolate, Organge, Apple, Mint Mojito, Mint Julip
- Tyme - English, Posey, Lemon
- Sage, Tricolor Sage
- Dill
- Cilantro
- Chives
Dried Herbs
Lisa's Soap

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