Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beware the Cat with the Deaf Eye

If we are honest we all know a house cat or barn cat that just wasn't quite the same as the other cats. Well Louie was one of those weird cats a few years ago. We raised him from a kitten, but somewhere along the way he took ill and was never quite the same. He had a cataract in one eye and walked kinda sideways and his feet would cross over some like he was about ready to trip himself. He was sort of yellow and had a crook in his tail. You know how cats kinda vibrate their tail when they get excited. Well this cat did too and it always seemed like he was pointing at you when he did that, because of the kink in his tail.

Reed was  in first or second grade and he kinda liked this old cat.

When he would walk along the cat would try to rub affectionately on your leg. But because he walked sideways he would always get in front of you and run the risk of getting stepped on or kicked out of the way. Well we were  walking across the yard one day and this cat ran up to us, but he was tacking into the wind pretty good in the way he walked. Good hearted Reed didn't want him to come to any harm, so he yelled, "Look out for the cat with the deaf eye". We got a good laugh out of that as we did many things Reed would say during his formative years.

Well that name just kinda stuck and soon any time there was the potential for danger or calamity someone would say "Beware the Cat with the Deaf Eye".

I searched Wikipedia and it hasn't quite made it into the common usage of the English language yet. I guess we could put it in Wikipedia and then it would stand for all time, or at least until some one had a better post.

So now you know one of our innermost family experiences. One of our defining family moments. If something isn't quite right or if danger threatens you can use Reed's warning...

"Beware the cate with the deaf eye"

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