Monday, August 12, 2013

Deer Annoy Me Two (the Sequel)

This is getting ridiculous. We had deer take a couple of nibbles of carrots, which was no big deal. But sometime between the end of the day Friday and Sunday afternoon, they came back and ate a 100 foot row. They don't usually bother until the late fall. They also ate a couple of watermelon, which were about 4 weeks from being ready. Enough is enough, Reed and I put an electric fence covering approximately three acres Sunday afternoon. We put it on the hottest setting, so hold onto your lighting rods. We have had no deer problems since.

They got into some carrots and beets a few weeks ago and we did the same thing to a very small area until we could get them harvested. They just go crazy over the carrots so I guess they must be good.

A week ago they were in the sweet corn and I got out a very aggressive fencer that runs off of a battery and can drive a fence 30 miles long. I put the more aggressive fencer around the sweet corn because in a week or so I need to put a couple more wires on the fence to keep out raccoons, who are also very annoying.

We also ran a wire around the tomatoes, which seemed to be disappearing, in exchange for lots of hoof prints in between the rows.

I think God put some of these animals in Minnesota to try our patience and test the sweetness of our vocabulary.

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