Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Amazing Band Concert

We had an amazing band concert at school last night. Reed plays the baritone and Jenna plays the flute. Both are involved with the senior high school band and the jazz band. There is nothing more patriotic than "The Star and Stripes Forever" with a piccolo solo by Jenna.

The band director clearly enjoyed directing the students and the band has responded over the years with increasing skill. They start young and by senior high reach a high level of skill. The band concerts now really shine and are a testimony to the director's dedication and leadership

Farming is a lot like directing a band concert. You plant the seeds, weed and fertilize. Then months and sometimes years later (in the case of perennials) the harvest.

The first few years (concerts) may reflect sincere efforts and lessons learned. Then gradually over time and increased experience the quality is better, the plants are stronger and the harvest is larger. Everything is in harmony and finally the concert is amazing.

Join us for our farm's "band concert" weekly at the farmers market.

Come taste Jenna and Reed's best selections..

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