Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Standing Ovation

We were at the SE Minnesota Honors Choirs spring concert Sunday afternoon. The middle school choir received a standing ovation after their last number.

The song was sung well and the choir members did a great job. It was a song about unity and solidarity and each choir member held the hand of their neighbor. But I think the ovation was as much for the director as the singers. The students who sing for this director not only master complex music but they often discuss and digest the complexities of life and what is going on with them and around them.

Why is this important?

Middle school can often be a chaotic and complex transition from adolescence to adult. Some navigate it well and other don't and get stuck in adolescence or lost in dark places. It helps to have a refuge from the storm and a rock on which to stand. A safe place to process what is going on at that age. Choral music can be that refuge for many young people.

The director of this group provides such a place and his students adore him for it. It was evidence by the expressions on their faces. Expressions of joy and love for a director who puts his whole heart into the music and the singer. It is so attractive that middle school singers who have a choice, pass over video games, TV and Facebook to sing good music, with wholesome themes, and with timeless wisdom.

My singers have benefited greatly from this man's instruction and care. It was hard to not want to stand and give encouragement to such rare inspiration.

Great job Nick!

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