Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It is Time to Buy Seed

I'm buying my seed this week. I like to buy seed in March for the garden. Buying at that time beats the rush and avoids shortages that some times occur later in the season.

My favorite seed suppliers are:
  1. Johnny's, Winslow, Main (Organic)
  2. Jordan Seeds, Woodbury, MN (not organic)
  3. Peaceful Valley, Grass Valley, CA (Organic)
  4. Totally Tomatoes, Randolph, WI (not organic)
I probably buy 90% of our seed from Johnny's, 5% from Peaceful Valley and 5% among the rest.

Jordan Seeds is a small family run seed supplier. They aren't organic but handle untreated seed for some varieties. I have gotten to know them over the years and like to do business with them. I bought our transplanter from them.

One thing I have noticed is it really pays to spend money on good seed and good varieties. If I'm not happy with a variety or want to try a new type of vegetable. I will often select the most expensive seed. What I have found is the best varieties often yield 2-3 times as much and have vastly superior disease resistance. This is very important when you are trying to grow without herbicides.

It will be time to plant peppers and tomatoes soon!

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