Monday, March 4, 2013

How To Get a Mediterranean Climate in Minnesota

Did you know that Minnesota has the same latitude as the southern coast of France. This means we get the same amount of light, which is very important for winter growing.

The reason Minnesota is colder is we are land locked and are exposed to the Canadian arctic climate when the jet stream wanders south of us. France is near a warm body of water called the Mediterranean Sea.

You can modify the effective climate by covering your growing area with a hoop house and several layers of plastic. Each layer of plastic modifies your climate by one climate zone. But anything over two layers cuts down on the light. Most hoop houses have to vent heat in the day time, so if you can store some of this excess heat geothermally or with water, you can grow some amazing things in the winter.

You might want to put up a temporary structure the first year or two, to make sure your location is just right for what you want to do and isn't shaded part of the day or too far away from water.

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