Monday, June 6, 2016


Garlic, the word brings out the best of flavor and and aroma. The garlic plant does its best to provide us with usable forms for most of the year. You can store hard neck garlic until March. In late March or April the garlic plant is up out of the ground and you can use green garlic until the aerial appearance of the curl.

What is the curl you might ask.

The curl is better known as a garlic scape.

It makes it's first appearance as a curl at the top of the plant and then in 2-3 weeks will straighten up and become woody. We remove them to force the garlic to put all its energy into the bulb.

During the curl stage the shoots are tender and a nice way to add garlic to dishes from pasta to stir fry.

We are about a week from the curl stage.

A passage of spring.

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