Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Blue Ferrari

I had a friend who recently bought a brand new cherry red Corvette. It is a beafutiful machine and he was giving rides yesterday. Talk about new car smell.

I hated getting into a competition on vehicles but I could have told him about my cobalt blue Ferrari.

It might be a little hard to give rides because it is my tiller that is made by Ferrari Ag Division in Italy. In the time honored tradition it is a very high performance and durable machine. It even has the Ferrari crest right there on the side of the transmission.

Our garden is about 5 acres and I probably till the whole thing at least twice a year. Doesn't sound like a lot but I go through a set of tiller tines about every year.

I took my tiller in for a check-up today.

To keep things in top shape I have them change all the fluids including transmission and I always use the best grade of synthetic oils and greases they have. Small engines and small equipment need every edge to protect the precision components.

I also have them clean and lubricate all the cables. Sticky cables are the bane of good tiller operation. For example the clutch cable was out of adjustment and it wouldn't completely stop when you pulled the lever...that is bad.

I also broke the pull rope to start the engine last season. It has electric start, but the engine starts so well that I hardly ever use it...unless the pull rope is broken.

They promised to have it back to me in two weeks. It is still to early to start tilling. But once we get going I use it almost every day and it has to be in good operating condition at all times.

I talk about the Corvette and Ferrari with a bit of "tongue in cheek", as my new pickup is a 1993 model F150. ( I also have a 1992 and 1985 pickup.)  I tend to go the good used route on vehicles and then use them until they won't run any more. Works for me, to each his own, as long as you can pay cash, I have no issue with what someone drives.

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