Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Keep Your Fork

Back in the day, when I was growing up, when mom said, "Keep your fork", that meant there was some really good desert to come. Might be cherry pie (one of Dad's favorites) or might be Danish pastry (one of my grandmother's specialities.)

We are just coming out of the winter cycle for vegetables. A time when selection of vegetables is limited.

However, let me recommend that you "Keep your fork" and here is why.

1) We still have 10 bushels of winter squash and boy are they good. Maybe we will have to call them dessert squash. As the individual squash continue to cure the starches continue to change to sugar and become more sweet.
2) We have 8 bushels of delicious "candy" carrots still in the cooler. Carrots will keep 8-10 months under good storage conditions and they to just keep getting better.
3) Parships follow the same trend as the carrots.
4) Cabbage are at their peak of flavor and sweetness. We have about 60 cabbages left. (see my 10 recipes for cole slaw in November and December posts).

If this nice weather holds we will have spinach by mid-April. It is up and looking good.

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