Monday, May 30, 2016


Reed our third child and youngest graduated last Friday night. You know how the stereo type of the youngest child is happy go lucky and carefree. Doesn't take anything to seriously.

Well all our children took their academics very serious including Reed.

Here is why...

Reed loaded up on some college prep and college level classes at the RCC (the local community college).

He took AP calculus and took the BC calculus test. We don't know how he did yet but probably petty good.

He took the calculus based classical physics at RCC.

He was asked to take modern physics this last semester by his professor at RCC. That is the class where they teach you about states of matter, relativity and all the stuff that us non-physics people don't usually have to worry about.

So with all that under his belt he can skip his first year at North Dakota State University and graduate in 3 years or add a masters degree in a fourth year.

Pretty cool, right.

God bless Reed and all his future endeavors.

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