Monday, March 21, 2016

$1,000,000 Money Monday

In this weeks Money Monday we are going to do a little celebrating.

Lisa and I teach a financial class called Financial Peace University. We recently taught our 12 th class and have had 520 attend our classes.

So where does the million dollars come from...

Well one of our goals for each class is for people to have a budget and begin working on paying off debt.

We kept track and at the end of class 12 we had attendees pay off a cumulative one million dollars in debt, just during the nine weeks of class.

That is reason to celebrate.

Those families didn't stop there. If we were able to track their progress we woul find that they had continued to work on their debt until they were debt free and then built a six month emergency fund. Theses families have likely improved their financial position by $6-$8 million dollars. Is that cool or what?

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