Monday, February 25, 2013

Clover - Just Like Ice Cream

When she was two, very early in the spring, Jenna found a white clover bloom that caught her eye and she asked me what it was. I explained that there was nectar in the blossums that the "buzzes" (bees) liked. I told her clover is their favorite.

The next day Jenna found another clover blossum and explained to Andrea that "Buzzes love clover, it is their favorite, just like ICE CREAM".

The old farm saying "were in clover" has the connotation that life is good and the living is easy. The next time you are stressed just think of Jennas ICE CREAM analogy.

Pollinators are the back bone of the diversified farm. Vetches, clovers, fruit trees, and wild flowers keep a constant supply of pollen available to for the pollinators, especially honey bees.

We have also noticed a great profussion of pollinators around the squash and pumpkins. We don't use any chemicals on the farms so this is a safe harbor for all kinds of bees and other pollinators. It is interesting to note the these bees are typically ground bees or bumble bees. These bees have stingers as a defensive capability but they are typically very happy and contented. We almost never get stings even when we brush against them, shake them off of the blossums or pick them up with our bare hands.

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