Sunday, December 30, 2012


Never underestimate the role of serendipity in your farming endeavors.

For example:

When I first learned that spinach would over winter in our harsh winter climate it was because we had some small plants at the end of the year that came back again next year.

I got the idea for making charcoal from kicking around in the residue from a fire we used to make hot dogs.

I could see the effects of using kelp to mineralize our soils, by observing that lettuce (a cold tolerance crop) was damaged by a light frost, in a bed where kelp was not used. While peppers (a cold sensitive crop) was not damaged by the same frost in a neighboring bed where kelp was used.

Sometimes our greatest mistakes in farming and in life can yield some of our best learning points;
it is how we incorporate this learning that will tell whether we achieve a new break through or see it as a failure. Thomas Edison figured out over 10,000 ways to incorrectly make the light bulb before he happened upon the correct combination.

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