Monday, January 7, 2013

Black Garlic

One of the weird things I have made is Black Garlic

I found Black Garlic on the internet and started asking some of the local chefs about it. They had been using it in a few cases. Mostly as a condiment, since it was very expensive.

Black Garlic is made by ...

elevating the temperature and humidity of fresh garlic by putting it in an enclosed container to keep it from drying out. You can find details on the internet.

The longer you leave it in the process the darker the garlic gets. If processed for 8 weeks it is a dark brown. If processed for 12 weeks it turns black.

The pungent fresh garlic turns to a rich sweet molasses falvor with a hint of garlic. The process is at a low enough temperature that it is probiotic.

I had a bumper crop of garlic last year and made several large batches. Balck Garlic became quite popular at our market. I did not have enough garlic this year to make any.

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